Hard Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Real wood enriches every setting. Its warmth and character give an extra dimension and creates a comfortable living and working environment. BDC carries a wide range of exceptional hard flooring systems for home and commercial use. Pre-finished wood flooring is available in Oak, Ash, Beech and Maple, and takes a wide array of finishes from natural straw color to the deep reddish Rosewood tones. Installation can be achieved in the traditional nail/glue down method, or as a floating floor system. Hardwood flooring can be installed over concrete or plywood subfloors.

Laminate Flooring

A great alternative to real wood flooring, Laminate flooring is durable, easy to install, almost maintenance free, economical and keeps its great appearance for many years. Laminate floors are available in wood tones, colorful finishes and can take on the appearance of bamboo or ceramic tiles. Installation can be done over existing flooring such as vinyl, linoleum and ceramic tile or directly over concrete or plywood subfloors.

Bamboo Flooring

Please check our bamboo flooring options at Green Products: Bamboo Flooring.

Cork Flooring

Please check our cork flooring options at Green Products: Cork Flooring.