Green Products

Bamboo Flooring (FSC Certified / Recycled Content)

Berkeley Design Center carries some FSC (Forest Stewarship Council) Certified as well as Recycled Content Hardwood Flooring.

As one of the fastest growing renewable plants in the world, bamboo has over the decades become one of the leading sustainable flooring choices for most interior design and building projects. Bamboo takes from four to six years to fully grow and new growth can attain a height of sixty to a hundred feet in about six months, while Hardwood Flooring can take anywhere from sixty to a hundred and fifty years to reach maturity.

Considered to be even more durable than American Cherry wood or Red and White Oak, Bamboo compares in hardness to Maple.

In the past, bamboo flooring used to be manufactured in only two colors; Natural and Carbonized. Originally only available in "solid" planks of Vertical and Horizontal grains, It is now available in an array of stains and grains. The product comes solid or engineered and available in "click" system and is VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free / Non-Toxic.

Bamboo flooring can be installed on, above or below grade. It may be glued, nailed or floated. Virtually maintenance free, a Damp mopping is all that is needed to clean floors (Do not wax). To increase the flooring longevity, walk off mats and furniture protectors are recommended. For the best value for such versatility, please consider this earth friendly flooring for your next project.

Find the Following Brands at Berkeley Design Center:


GreenWood Products manufacturers True Green Fusion Bamboo which is 100% moso bamboo that is crushed and then infused with a dense VOC-free resin. The product is then cold pressed for optimum stability. Moso bamboo is the highest quality bamboo available for flooring. Greenwood Products' moso bamboo is harvested from the exclusive Anji Mountain region of China and carefully selected at the peak of maturity between 5 to 6 years.

GreenWood Products also manufactures Wide Plank bamboo, Solid Strip bamboo as well as Unfinished Solid Strip bamboo. Greenwood Products is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).


All Gala Bamboo Flooring is either FSC PURE or FSC mixed. As an FSC Certified flooring product, Gala Bamboo qualifies for LEED MR Credit 7: Certified Wood. FSC Pure - This means a product is manufactured using 100% FSC certified virgin materials. FSC Mixed - This means a product is manufactured using a mix of FSC certified material, recycled material and FSC approved controlled material (paper or wood from an approved source). Gala bamboo floors are made from mature Moso bamboo, grown in the Northern region of China and harvested at its peak (5 to 7 years) from sustainable bamboo forests for maximum hardness and color richness. Gala manufactures a wide selection of solid engineered and strand woven construction bamboo floors. Gala bamboo utilizes a licensed Unilin Locking System for quick and easy installation. Lifetime Structural Warranty and 15 to 35 year Limited Residential Finish Warranty. 5 year Light Commercial Warranty on solid strand construction bamboo floors.


Although the bamboo species "MOSO" is formally not a wood but a grass, it has excellent "hardwood like" characteristics: it is very hard and durable. Combined with the high stability (little shrink & swell) it is the perfect raw material for MOSO bamboo flooring. MOSO floors are also a healthy choice as they are anti-static and anti-allergic. The most striking feature of MOSO floors is certainly its beauty. Combined with the vast choice of different styles, configurations and colors, there is always a MOSO floor which will match your preferences. As one of the pioneers in bamboo, MOSO has grown to become the European market leader. MOSO's experience (over 15 years) and strive for perfection has established a reputation of providing floors of the highest quality, with a product guarantee of up to 30 years. MOSO bamboo products for indoors and outdoors are available with additional environmental benefits through the MOSO Green Premium label, offering the greenest building solution in the market: FSC certified bamboo made with special adhesives with no added formaldehyde.